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GSport FR
300 Square Inch Cooking Area
Cherokee FR
Approximately 192 Square Inch Cooking Area

GSport as a Portable

Buy a G-Sport

TEC's Most Versatile Grill.

  Without the base it's an awesome portable with about 50% more grilling surface than the Cherokee. With the base it's a full size backyard infrared grill. The G-Sport on low heat will cook at 250 degrees, lower than any other inrared grill. On High it cooks at 850 degrees. Like any other TEC you will get a precision American product that will last for years to come. Like all TEC grills you will get that super moist, charbroil taste that produces the most flavorful grilling experience. The G-Sport is fueled with your standard 20lbs cannister (regulator included).

All TEC products are environmentally friendly, and they always have been.


Buy a Cherokee

TEC To Go.

This compact portable gas grill makes TEC's super moist, charbroil taste more affordable than ever! Imagine that coveted taste of charcoal grilling but with the convenience of gas.
The Cherokee offers 100% infra-red cooking in a compact package.  A Cherokee lets you enjoy the mouth-watering, flavorful taste of infra-red cooking from a condo patio to anywhere in the great outdoors. It provides one-half the grilling surface of a full size two burner models in a small, less expensive cabinet that is light enough to carry with you anywhere you go. For use anywhere, it is fueled with a 1 lbs disposable LP cylinder, making it ideal for home and patio use including attached living areas where large gas tanks and charcoal are prohibited. An optional 20lbs regulator is also available. Like all TEC grills, the Cherokee is made in America.

Download G-Sport Manual (3.7MB)
Download G-Sport FR Flyer - Front (1.4MB)
Download G-Sport FR Flyer - Back (1.0MB)
Download Cherokee FR Manual (1.7MB)

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Why Buy TEC?
   (See below)

Why buy TEC?
1) Manufactured in the U.S. with 304 Stainless
2) 200
o to 900o Temperature Range
(250o to 850o for the GSport, 500o to 850o for the Cherokee)
3) The only Grill that is Totally Infrared
4) Flare-up Resistant Burners

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