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  Parts - Cherokee FR (Model Numbers Start with "C" followed by a number)
This is the model that has a glass plate over the burner.

Part No
All Available Parts Listed Below.


Most Common Items Ordered

FM4007 Burner Assembly (Includes Burner Head Replacement Kit)
Burner Head Replacement Kit (Wire mesh on top of burner)

FM4006 Cooking Grid (22 Channels, 16 1/4" x 12 3/8") $140

HW0407 or
Glass Emitor Panel (aka Glass Panel, Radiant)
(Part Number RHW0407 is mistakenly used for this item in some manuals.)

HW2812 Igniter, Battery Powered $24

REG102QDFR Regulator for 20LB LP Gas Cylinder
(Quick disconnect with 3ft hose) This part replaces HW0266.

REGBTANKLP Regulator and Fittings (Nipple Assembly), LP Gas (Bulk Tank) Does not include Propane Gas Hose or fittings.
This part replaces FM4191.

Regulator for 1 LB LP Disposable Cylinder
(Part number REG1LBLP replaces part number HW0267)

REG47L Regulator, Natural Gas (Does not include Hose)

See Grill Page for Accessories and Covers not listed on this page.

Other Items (Roughly in Alphabetical Order)

FM4029 Ash Tray $22


FM4055 Burner Box Only $135

Burner Control Knob, Black

HW0842A Burner Control Knob, Muted Chrome

HW0841 Burner Control Knob, Red

HW2802 Burner Control Valve $35

CHCKLP-NAT Conversion Kit, LP to Natural Gas $89

CHCKNT-LP* Conversion Kit, Natural Gas to LP

Glass Panel Retention Clip

GRATELIFT Grate Lift - Lifts Cooking grate to 1) Slows down cooking process and
2) to provide space below for woodchips.

No Longer Available

Heat Shield (Bottom)/Match Lighting Wand Tray

FM4037 Hood Trim Assembly, Left Side $38

FM4036 Hood Trim Assembly, Right Side $38

Hood Cover Assembly
(Includes Hood Cover & All Hardware)

FM4045 Hood Knob Assembly with Hardware $12

FM4047 Hood Latch Assembly with Hardware $26

FM4049 Ignition Rod (Electrode), with Bracket $26

HW163802 Ignition Wire, 24" LG $15

HW1619 Ignition Wire 8"

No Longer Required

FM4012 Leg/Corner Brace $30

FM4009 Manifold $68

FM4041 Match Lighting Wand

ORI57 Orifice #57, LP Gas

ORI54 Orifice #54, Natural Gas

HW0268 Quick Disconnect Fitting

HW0796 TEC Nameplate with clips $28

See Grill Page for Accessories and Covers not listed on this page.

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